Reader-meets-writer event in the Town library

Reader-meets-writer event in the Town library

Lots of classes in the junior grades attended the programme organized by the Town Library on 16 May 2019.

Attila Kovács alias Holden Rose writes books for children, and visits schools and libraries throughout the country in order to make reading more popular.

He is a charming man. He presents his topics wit, elegance and humour.

The topics of his presentations are the comparison of the improving effects of reading (imagination, vocabulary, orthography) and the experiences provided by animated tales and cartoons. Pupils were very enthusiastic about the author’s presentation and were happy to get involved in his games. They got a book mark for a good solution and the best pupils got a book as a reward as well.

Due to Holden Rose our children beg us to choose this book as a compulsary reading despite the fact that the author emphasized it: „Don’t read what is compulsary, but what you like!”

After the reader-meets-writer event many of our pupils ordered books from the author. ther are some pupils in grade 3, who reads the second or the third volume.

We don’t need any more evidence than this for the justification of the success of this programme.