·         The Durham Federation-School/Institute/Educational centre – General education (secondary level)

Address Bracken Court

Country United Kingdom

Post Code DH7 7NG CEDEX

City Durham

Website www.durhamfederation.net


·         Sincan Aksemsettin ilkokulu – School/Institute/Educational centre – General education (primary level)

Address Aksemsettin mah. Oba sok.

Country Turkey

Post Code 06930

City Sincan

Website sincanaksemsettinilkokulu.meb.k12.tr


·         Voksen skole -School/Institute/Educational centre – General education (primary level)

Voksen School is a large state-financed primary school situated where the city meets the forest, 9km from the center of Oslo. We

have 560 pupils aged 6 to 13 spread over 7 years.

The pupils’ academic achievement has been consistently above national averages, as has their level of satisfaction and enjoyment. There

is also a special department attached to Voksen School, which educates 25 pupils with special educational needs (children with autism, psychological and multiple physical handicaps). Where possible these children are included in regular classes.

As our school has a rather big schoolyard with apple trees, vegetable garden and a small chicken Run our students benefit from a varied offer during their break time. We have also an active School Council which contributes with activities to recognize and strengthen inclusion, consideration and respect to each other.

Address Arnebråtveien 120

Country Norway

Post Code 0771

City Oslo

Website www.voksen.gs.oslo.no

Telephone +4722136800, +4748004854


·          2o DIMOTIKO SXOLEIO DRAPETSONAS- School/Institute/Educational centre – General education (primary level)


Country Greece P.O.

Post Code 18648


Website https://sites.google.com/site/2odemotikoscholeio drapetsonas

Email Telephone +302104614305, +302104614942

Fax +302104614305


·          Tildy Zoltan Altalanos Iskola es Alapfoku Muveszeti Iskola – School/Institute/Educational centre – Gener

Address Tildy Zoltán 19-21

Country Hungary

Post Code 5520 CEDEX

City Szeghalom

Website www.tildy-szeghalom.fw.hu

Telephone +3666371232 Fax +3666371232

Profile Type of Organisation School/Institute/Educational centre – General education (secondary level)


·         Szkoła Podstawowa nr 5 im.Mieszka 1 – School/Institute/Educational centre – General education (primary level)

Address Grabowska1-3

Country Poland

Post Code 63-400

City Ostrów Wielkopolski

Website www..sp5.osw.pl

Email Telephone +48627364627

Fax +48627364627