Foreign language week school year 2018/2019

Foreign language week school year 2018/2019

In this school year we held the foreign language week in March. The progarammes which were organized are in close connection with our Erasmus projects as well.

On the last written round of the local school competition was held for each grade. Children have competed during three rounds since September.The exercises contained grammar, listening and reading comprehension tasks.

On Tuesday we organized a classic reading competition for grades 5-6 and grades 7-8. Children had to read a text chosen by their own out loud, and then they had to read a text chosen by the jury, which was well known in their student’s book. The jury considered the complexity of the texts, the proper pronunciation and intonation.

The next activity was the Erasmus Countries competition. Grades 5 and 6 and grades 7-8 compted separately. Each class had a task to complete in advance namely they had to choose a country which they made a poster about their culture. They had to be familiar with the flag, money, geography, larger cities, capital city, famous people, folk traditions, typical meals etc.

First the teams had to show their presentations, then they did the quiz followed by a task of matching the flags, crests and money of the countries. Next activity was a crosswords puzzle, then the children had to recognize the countries and name the capital cities on the basis of pictures. The last task to answer the fast questions about the countries.

Thursday was the day of Erasmus+ gastronomy. For this event we expected groups of 2-3 from grades 5-8. meals from all our Erasmus+ partner countries had to be made. They had to add instuctions, recepies in English or German as well. The jury made its decision on the basis of the following points: serving, looks, flavour and instructions. Children have made quite lovely and delicious meals from England, Turkey, Poland, Greece and Norway.