• What are the objectives you would like to achieve and concrete results you would like to produce? How are these objectives linked to the priorities you have selected?

The key objectives of our project are to work collaboratively to explore the different approaches each of our countries take to the key functional skills of reading and writing. We propose to do this in a number of ways. Firstly through our Teaching training activities we propose to share best practice, identify similarities in approach and assess the effectiveness of our strategies. We will produce a collaborative document which can be used by all partners to demonstrate different approaches. Additionally we will explore technology used by each partner in their schools.

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We will train each other in these programmes and upload user manuals to our website and etwinning platforms to enable us to access these programmes, where appropriate, with our wider school communities. During our project, students will produce creative written work which is based upon the literature of both their own, and partner countries. They will develop a story book of their own creative writing which they will share with the wider school community. The use of technology will support their development in both reading and writing.

Through exploring these key areas we, as Erasmus+ proposes, will help our young people to have better future prospects and point of views through the development of creativity, entrepreneurship and 21st century technological skills. The main objective is to develop approaches to reading and writing which are intrinsically linked and can became a mainstay of our curriculum for all pupils. By combining the best of all our approaches, we can develop programmes of learning which promote confidence and a love for reading and writing in all of our students.

The pupils will learn that they can develop ideas around reading and writing activities. They will all develop confidence in writing and relate reading with it and they will also relate these skills with listening and speaking. In the end, we will have many concrete works to be presented as language-based project activities; the students and the teachers will be trained on reading and writing strategies and how to develop them; they will also disseminate the works in their local province and use digital platforms. Each school will get more prestige with integrated reading&writing based schedules.

The Project team will also apply for ELL (European Language Label) which will foster the quality of our work and it will have positive effect on all participants as applicants for a good Label. If it is deserved, we will be able to inform more platforms about our project. E-twinning project experience will be a part of our school-curriculum and more teachers and students will be encouraged for further projects. Project outcomes will be shared via our website, eTwinning, social media as OERs ( Open Educational Resources ) to inspire interested teachers for further Project ideas.

  • How will you support these participants so that they will fully engage in the planned activities?

In all partner schools, we will have project participants facing cultural differences, economic obstacles, educational difficulties and social obstacles. We have developed an inclusive Strategy to include as many students as possible in the project which will result in the success of our expected results and objectives. We will make all these participants join directly to the local project activities and also to the LTTs as much as possible.

We believe that through the activities, they will be motivated and develop a greater understanding of the environment in which they live. We, as teachers, will provide effective opportunities for them through project work. We will introduce the idea that writing and reading have nothing to do with status, economic situation, cultural background but these factors may affect it depending on the students’ will.

These students facing cultural differences, economic obstacles, educational difficulties, social obstacles will enrich the perspective of our writing and reading focus and the outputs will be a lot more assorted than the ones of the projects run by homogenous groups of students having mostly the same background. “Weaknesses into Strengths ” ideas will be given to all students and it will empower these students having some obstacles.

  • Please describe the tasks and responsibilities of each partner school. Explain how you will ensure sound management of the project and good cooperation and communication between partners during its implementation.

We, Project partners, care about the cooperation with each other so while planning the activities, we have scheduled the same activities for all the partners at the same time. At the meetings, the activities done by the groups will be presented one by one to learn and gain some tips or skills from each other. This Erasmus+ project is extensively designed, thus one responsible person for each duty will be assigned, which will make the project more organised and well-arranged. Not to mention, communication will be ensured by means of e-meetings, skype meetings, Google hangouts, e-mails and twin space. We all have agreed to participate actively according to our own potentials and competencies.

The English school takes the leadership of the project on the international level and for educational aspects of the project. It will remain in a coordinating role for the duration, quality and the impact of the Project and will be responsible for reporting the project’s overall results. Since the English school’s mother tongue is itself English, they will be in leading position for ESL (English as a Second Language) for the other partner schools. Furthermore, they will deal with the following tasks: -coordinating the different working proposals to be discussed and treated in the international meetings. -establishing the agenda for the project with the dates, contents, products and results of every meeting. -ensuring the effective dissemination and communication among partners in many ways and occasionally.

Other tasks to be done by all the partners are: -working on the contents and products. -contributing to the development of common products. -ensuring the participation of pupils in some products. -establishing the calendar and the agenda for the visit to their town. -organizing the work with the cultural Institutions and local authorities in the town. -ensuring the spreading of outputs and results within educational community by means of media, meetings, website of every institution, etc. -writing the annual and the interim report and make the assessment of the project in different phases. Apart from the general tasks; the Greek school will create and sustain website works during the project. The Turkish school will start e-twinning project and monitor it and also will launch the steps to join ELL (English Language Label) competition. Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter dissemination will be held by the Polish school. Evaluation questionnaires will be created and the results will be evaluated by the Hungarian school.

Also the Hungarian school will pioneer the writing & reading related activities as they are experienced through their prevailing National Projects being run at their schools. LTT or TPM mobilities will be presented by videos or